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Who We Are and Our Training Philosophy

Greetings fellow dog lovers!

My name is Alan Carr I am a military veteran and a law enforcement officer veteran. I began my law enforcement career in 1989. During my career I served in patrol, investigations, and K-9 unit. I am the founder, and exclusive trainer of Alan's K-9 Academy. You can truly say, my life has gone to the dogs....and that's just the way I like it, LOL. You won’t be called on by any sales representative or talk to a receptionist when you call. You will only talk to me directly. I believe in delivering personalized service to my clients and their dogs.

A training program is only as good as the trainer giving the program so let me tell you a little bit about my academy. I am completely focused on preparing you and your dog for a great life together.

Reward-based dog training changes behavior quickly and painlessly, without yelling, threats, or punishment. It is grounded in the principles of behavioral science and is the training method endorsed by all reputable veterinary and behavioral organizations. With our training, you get a well-behaved dog who enjoys the training process – which means both results and peace of mind for you.

I offer a full spectrum of dog and puppy training designed to get you back to day-to-day activities with your dog so the entire family can relax and have fun together.

I am not a franchise, and I am the only person who will work with your dog. You are not hiring me only for your dog to be trained by someone else behind the scenes. I only have one location in Rydal, GA which is between Atlanta, GA, and Chattanooga, TN I provide training in your home and support everyone who lives within a 2-hour radius. I am located close to I-75. Everything you see on my site and my social media is me working with clients & their dogs.

I have had the privilege of spending over 33 years learning from the best dog trainers in the industry on how to build trust, teach, and communicate effectively with dogs.
Training dogs can be simple, and it can be complex. Your dog, like you and members of your family, are unique. Here is a little more information on my career in dog training!

There is no one size fits all approach to dog training. No method is truly better than another. All have advantages and disadvantages, and the key element is determining the proper approach to get you and your dog to the finish line.

Every dog, owner, situation, issue, and problem are different. The correct solution may be a combination of food training, marker training, leash and training harness to work through, rehabilitate, train, and teach new skills & abilities. I promise to use the approach that works for you and your dog. Normally it is a combination of approaches that yields the best outcome. I do my best to balance the advantages of each style to help your dog learn how to behave to have the freedom and fun that both of you want.

We want our clients to have a dog they always wanted and keep them that way. Training the dog is the easy part of our job. The difficult part is training the dog owner, which is about 90% of the battle. Dogs are much easier to train than the dog owner!

Our dog training programs are also designed to fit into your busy schedule. Alan’s K9 Academy, LLC operates in a way that benefits the dog owner and their dog. We try to accommodate to your schedule! We provide a variety of programs and services that help dog owners accomplish their dog training goals. We use humane methods and techniques to get great results in a timely manner. The ending result is a very happy obedient dog and a satisfied dog owner. We have easy pay as you go programs! Very affordable!
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It is my belief that training is the process of teaching the dog good manners while also working on good management to help keep the dog out of trouble. This will keep your dog from learning bad behavior and will let me teach your dog what exactly the behavior we want much more easily. You must work with the tools you have available to teach a dog effectively. A dog’s instincts are a great tool if they are properly used and can be very effective in training.

As owners and trainers, we must always remember that dogs are dogs and will do dog things. If we bear this in mind during training, then it is much easier to direct dogs in the direction we want them to go without using harsh traditional methods of punishment as a correction. We effectively teach dog owners how to build a positive relationship with their dog so that they may train them in a positive and non-punishing way to promote success. We achieve this mission through customized training that is: positive, motivational, balanced, challenging, fun and rewarding for both humans and their dog. We use only humane, science-based training techniques. Whether you have a new puppy or rescue dog, a young dog with bad behaviors or an older dog in need of obedience, you will face challenges that require professional dog training help.

I firmly believe in owners building up positive relationships and having fun with their dogs and working towards well behaved dogs that are happy and a pleasure to be around.

I consider dogs I train to be a part of the family. This means that I use positive and natural canine behavioral techniques. I will help you build the appropriate relationship between you and your dog. I want to make sure that your dog will learn to count on you to keep their world in order. Finally, I want to assure that your dog respects you as their teacher and care giver. Our dogs are a great positive enhancement in our lives. It is our responsibility to be as positive and humane as possible for them as well.


Steps to a happy and balanced puppy

🐾 Never leave your pup unsupervised. 
If you cannot directly supervise, leave your pup in a crate or confined, puppy friendly area where they cannot hurt themself. This will also help prevent bad habits from developing.

🐾 Utilize critical stages. 
Weeks 6-8 is a time of life when a small amount of exposure to other dogs will have a lasting effect on how they relate to other canines throughout their life. This is usually accomplished in the litter. Do not allow him/her to interact with unknown dogs until they are complete on all their vaccines. (Usually around 12 weeks)

🐾 Weeks 8-12  is the critical stage.
Weeks 8-12  is the critical stage for socialization to humans. I strongly recommend taking your pup with you as much as possible. Get them exposed to all sorts of people, sounds, environments, etc.

🐾 Touch conditioning is important. 
Touch all areas of you pup's body so they will become conditioned to your touch and feel comfortable. Get your pup used to the car now! Take him/her for rides to pleasant and fun places. Take him/her to the vet for a visit without the need for an exam or shots, etc.

🐾 Have a proper kennel/crate. 
It should not be too large, just enough space to stand up, turn around and lie down. Most pups will not soil where they sleep. I recommend purchasing a crate that will fit the pup when they're full grown. During the early stage, close off a portion of the crate with either a pre-made separator (available from crate manufacturers) or by placing a large cardboard box in the the back of the crate.

🐾 Mix food with a little water.
Mix food with a little water before serving so it looks like a stew. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before feeding. Dry food can expand up to 30% in a dog's stomach, so let it expand in the bowl, thus avoiding possible indigestion and possible behavior problems.

🐾 Schedule all feeding times at the same time each day.  
Generally, speaking, pups between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks can be fed 3 times per day. I do not recommend feeding puppy food much past 18 months (especially large breed dogs). Puppy food is loaded with fat and protein and can lead to obesity and, in the case of large breed dogs, issues with joint growth and support.

🐾 Establish yourself as the pack leader.  
Your pup is a social pack animal and needs the guidance of a fair, but firm pack leader. They recently had that with their mom. You're their new pack. By establishing yourself as the alpha-dog, your pup will grow up to respect you, respond to you, bond to you and want to please you. They will also become a much more happier and confident dog.

🐾 Prevention and positive encouragement. 
Prevention and positive encouragement are the best ways to teach your pup. During pup's early weeks, all training is fun. There is no negative reinforcement while teaching behaviors such as sit, stay, and come. Remember we are teaching your pup how to learn and to love to learn. Punishment won't help. Screaming, yelling, hitting will only create fear and confusion in your pup.


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