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Start home dog and puppy training in the Atlanta Area.

You absolutely love your dog, but he’s far from perfect.

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Your dog obeys your commands in the house sometimes but obeys you consistently? That hasn’t happened in forever.

You try taking your dog with you on adventures but you constantly worry your dog will act out, cause trouble, and embarrass you… or worse.

Your dog seems sweet and innocent… until he sneaks out through an open door… or steals a steak off the counter… or starts wildly barking at the window every time a car drives past.

You want a dog you can trust – no matter where life takes you.


"Alan is an excellent trainer. Ruby was a rescue who had been mistreated and lacked trust with men. Alan bonded and earned her trust very quickly. In a short time, he taught her many commands that have improved her behavior immensely. She gets along well with other dogs and is doing well with walking on a leash. I highly recommend Alan to anyone looking to train their dog." - Suzanne M. (Google Review)
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Recommended by Other Professionals!

Veterinarian recommended, our exceptional dog training services have earned the trust and endorsement of veterinary professionals who recognize the outstanding results we deliver for our clients and their beloved pets.

It’s time to start private dog training with  our Atlanta area trainer.

The relationship you dream about having with your dog is a few dog training sessions away.


Custom Designed

Every dog is different. Your dog’s training will be custom designed to fit your dog’s personality & temperament, your lifestyle, & your training goals.


No trying to drive halfway across town during rush hour for a training session. With our Atlanta area team, your dog or puppy training sessions will happen at your home or at a nearby public venue.


Whether you just need your dog to learn basic commands and skills or whether your dog needs significant behavior modification, private lessons can get you the transformation you want.

How Private Dog Training Works

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Every dog training program is tailored to you, your dog, and your training goals.

Our training session will last 60-90 minutes each. We can meet at your home, a public park, or somewhere else. Location is up to you & your dog’s ability to handle distractions.

Depending on training goals, we’ll meet 1-2 times per week and train anywhere for 1-3 months. This ensures you and your dog are able to work and train together in a way that is sustainable and makes your dog consistent and reliable, no matter what circumstances & situations you encounter.


What You & Your Dog Can Learn

What our team in the Atlanta area can train your dog or puppy to do during our time together is totally up to you!

Basic Obedience

✔ Sit, Down, Stay
✔ Come when called
✔ Loose-leash walking
✔ House training

Advanced Obedience

✔ Off-leash recall
✔ Command consistency
✔ Ignoring distractions

Behavior Management

✔ Fear & aggression
✔ Hyperactivity &
✔ Excessive barking
✔ Reactivity
When you train with Alan’s K9 Academy, your dog will learn to follow a variety of commands, all custom to your training goals.

Just like humans, not all dogs are the same. Some may have underlying struggles such as fear, reactivity, and bad behaviors. If your dog needs to work through behavioral issues, we’ll create and implement a sustainable solution to ensure you and your dog are set of for long-term success.

The results are up to you and your decision to be consistent with training & practicing skills with your dog.

Packages & Investment

All of our Atlanta dog and puppy training services are built custom to you.
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Puppy Kindergarten

If your dog is under a year old, our 7-week Puppy Kindergarten will help your dog learn all the basic skills needed to be the best dog in your home. Puppy Kindergarten is the right place for starting off training - and your relationship - on the right paw.
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Doggy University

The potential for your dog to learn new skills is absolutely endless. Teach your dog anything from just the basics to advanced obedience - or even work through problematic dog behaviors. What your dog learns is up to you!
Investment:  Starting at $1,566

Starting Private Dog Training In the
Atlanta Area Is As Easy As 1-2-3!


Schedule & attend your initial consultation with me, Atlanta Dog Trainer Alan Carr, to make sure we're a good fit for each other.
You & your dog attend our private training sessions & stay consistent in practicing between sessions.
Enjoy having the most rewarding relationship with your dog, as all your friends & family comment on how well-behaved your dog is.


"We knew Finn was going to be a big boy, so we needed to be sure we had control and he minded us. During our initial assessment Alan listened to our concerns, set expectations and helped us understand the “why’s” behind each command. We really liked Alan’s approach (reward based behavioral corrections) K-9 background and we quickly realized Alan is a true dog whisperer! We were able to see a big difference with Finn after the 1st session.  Alan is always encouraging and responded to questions via calls/text messages. Alan was able to offer simple commands and corrections. Alan never made Finn’s humans feels bad when our training time or techniques took a step back. If you do the work with your puppy/dog everyone reaps the benefits. Finn enjoys his training time and loves when Alan comes to the house. Finn is now 9 months, has grown so much and now a well behaved “good boy!” - Liz H. (Google, Facebook Review)
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relationship with your dog now!

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