In-Home Private Training

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Are you experiencing problem behaviors in your dog like leash pulling, nipping, jumping on people or just want an all around well-trained dog? Let us do the work for you. 

Not sure how to fix those nuisance behaviors? Is your dog reactive? Want more focus and engagement on you instead of everything else? Does your dog not come when called? Does your dog drag you on leash? This advanced training is designed to set a solid foundation for you and your dog. Your dog will learn all its basic commands, how to be calm in the home and in public, heeling with distractions in public, to on/off leash obedience and of course correcting unwanted behaviors.

This program is a great fit amongst dog owners who want to take their dog's obedience to the next level. We will take your dog to pet friendly stores and parks to solidify all of the commands. Your only job is to maintain the training.

🐾 Counter surfing
🐾 Excessive barking
🐾 Jumping on people
🐾 Fear
🐾 Nipping & mouthing
🐾 Aggression
🐾 Destructiveness
🐾 Hyperactivity
🐾 Darting out through open doors
🐾 Not coming when called
🐾 Pulling on the leash
🐾 Housebreaking

We Solve Behavior Problems:

Perfect for Adopted & Rescued Dogs
Any Breed, Size or Age
Humane, Natural Methods
We Train in Your Home!
Custom tailored private lessons are designed for owners who have plenty of time to work with their dogs at home. You will be given all the knowledge to train your dog; however, results depend on how consistent you are. Lessons are also beneficial for those who are interested in learning the how’s and the why’s behind training their dog.

Lessons are one on one for 60-90 minutes and can be held at public parks, a mutual place of your choosing, or in your home (within driving distance).

The number of lessons needed is determined by your training goals and expectations and your dog’s needs.

Additional lessons can be purchased after your lesson package is completed.  We offer...
Depending on your training goals, we recommend meeting with us 1-2x/week and investing in anywhere from 1-3 months of training with us.

To enroll in a program and set a regular day and time to meet with us, you may purchase one of the following packages on the same day as your evaluation...
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