Puppy training

Our Comprehensive 
Puppy101 Program

As part of the training, your dog will:

 Go on trips and learn to have fun without stress or confusion.
 Your puppy will travel often in a vehicle, interact with other dogs.
 He/she will learn to behave/work in public places, inside stores (that allow dogs).
 Your puppy lives with me and interacts with my family, my dog, and other dogs in training every day and night during their stay and will be looked after 24 hours a day, unlike a standard kennel facility.
 This is a key component your dog can understand, relate, and transfer after returning home.

During Your Program, Your Puppy Will Learn Basic Manners...

 Housebreaking/Crate Training
 Riding in a vehicle (while connected to a car seat leash)
 Walk on leash
 Early Obedience including Sit, Stay and Come

*This program does not include any behavioral issues such as aggression, fear, possessiveness, etc.

Puppy101 Packages begin at

$ 1,500.00 and up.
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More About our Puppy101 Program

Bailiwick Retrievers has partnered with Alan’s K-9 Academy as their exclusive dog trainer.  If you’re looking for a Labrador Retriever, check them out on their Facebook page. I highly recommend their breeding skills and the love they have shows they are doing it right! If you already decided to get your puppy from Bailiwick Retrievers you already made a good first choice; now make another good choice and allow us to train your puppy.

You will be able to monitor your dog's progress in the program by monitoring our Facebook page so you can see for yourself that your pup is making exceptional progress.  Involvement is Key!

Maintenance- After completing the Puppy101, I recommend continued education training where I train you and your puppy in your home. Upon completion of the program, I then help YOU when your dog returns with follow up lessons. I also provide continued support for as long as you own your dog. Our puppy training program consists of two phases, early training and advanced training. Puppies as young as seven weeks can begin learning with Alan’s K-9 Academy. Our process allows us to efficiently complete in-home puppy training services at your home or within the environment where behaviors manifest - such as in the park or around other dogs in the neighborhood.

What’s Next?
Go to our Contact page and fill out the contact form and questionnaire. Once we receive your information, we will then be able to determine the best options that will allow you to reach your training goals.

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More About Our Puppy101 Program

From Age 7 Weeks to 4 Months
Preparing Your Puppy for a Lifetime at Your Side

There’s no doubt that your puppy is cute, but where’s the instruction manual? Don’t worry, we have a plan to tame the chaos that arrived along with your new bundle of energy.  Early puppyhood is a critical time for socialization and learning.

Puppy training is the most important thing you can do to help your puppy to become the dog you always wanted! Get great tips for easy puppy raising and learn how to properly socialize your puppy.

For Help With:

 Puppy-proofing your home to prevent potty accidents and unwanted chewing incidents
 Potty training
✓ Crate training
 House training
 Independence training
 Basic manners like sit, lay down, come, stay
 Puppy biting and mouthing to protect your skin and clothes
 Preventing chewing, digging, jumping
 Socialization – exposure to a variety of people, sounds and objects as well

Leave it to us and we train your puppy for you!
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More About our Puppy101 Program

Puppy101 Academy Programs:

4 weeks basic
6 weeks intermediate
8 weeks advanced

Private Puppy Training
Puppies are one of the cutest and most adaptable lifeforms on the planet! Filled with exuberance, curiosity, and joy, they can fill your home with love and light.
However without the proper preparation and knowledge of how to raise and train a puppy they, can also be pure terrors. Making living with one feel like unleashing a tidal wave of stress on your daily routine.

The good news is the first five months of your puppy’s life are usually the most challenging.
During this time, puppy biting is at its height, meaning your puppy will want to bite and chew on everything including you, and they also have no bladder or bowel control and will need to be monitored closely to avoid potty mistakes in the house.

This is why it's important to keep to a schedule that includes a streamlined potty training strategy, basic training, wind down periods, and routine confinement to keep a puppy out of trouble.

Luckily, training a puppy to become a well-behaved family dog is easy once you know the right steps to take.

Instituting a manageable routine that is designed to create a lot of positive associations for your puppy with basic behaviors like sit, stay, come, settling down, and spot training is the best way to set your puppy up for success for choosing polite behaviors early on.

A good behavioral management plan also teaches a puppy to spend time by themselves once they are returned to their designated confinement areas while simultaneously preventing problem behaviors from developing.

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