Foster a satisfying connection with your beloved dog.


You love your dog, yet he's quite a challenge.

During your walks with your dog, you may feel like he's in charge as he pulls and tugs on the leash, making it difficult for you to lead the way through the neighborhood.

Your dog's behavior with guests is out of control; his barking and jumping are no longer cute, and his size puts older guests at risk of being knocked over.

Your energetic puppy is causing chaos in your home, leaving pee stains on the carpet, chewing on your shoes, and draining your energy.
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A well-behaved dog is what you dream of, one that...

...walks beside you on a leash with composure, earning admiration from fellow dog walkers.

...obeys "sit" and "stay" commands, giving you peace of mind that your dog won't dive into your bowl of spaghetti.

...responds to your call, even if their ball rolls down into a street with passing cars. That’s why you need our Brookhaven-based dog training services today!

Effective Dog Training and Boarding Services in Brookhaven


Introducing Your Certified Professional Dog Trainer Serving Brookhaven

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Greetings, I am Alan Carr, a military veteran and former police K9 handler, and now, your professional dog trainer. With over 30 years of experience, I understand that there is no universal dog training that can fit every dog, lifestyle, and training goal. Thus, I offer customized training packages tailored to your dog, lifestyle, and training goals, ensuring sustainable and lifelong results.

Let's work collaboratively, utilizing positive reinforcement and a range of scientifically proven training techniques, to assist you in creating your dream dog and accomplishing all your training objectives.

Initiating the process is simple and straightforward, just follow these three steps!

Set up and attend your first consultation with Alan Carr, the Dog Trainer of Brookhaven.
Together, we'll develop a personalized training program for both you and your dog.
Follow our customized training plan to transform your dog into the best-behaved one in the neighborhood.

Testimonials from Clients Similar to You


"We had tried two other trainers before Alan, to stop our 5-year-old Lab from pulling on the leash and from being too exuberant at the front door. We were shocked to see how quickly Alan got our dog focused and understanding what we expected of her. She’s truly a different dog now. And she loves Alan so much!  Highly recommend for any issue you and your dog might be having!"  - Lynne K. (Facebook Review)


"Alan’s K9 Academy did an amazing job training Tozer. He is a 2-year-old typical GSD that chased my grandchildren when they rode their motorized toys, chased and nipped at them when they rode the zip line and played very aggressively with them. Mr. Alan was very patient with Tozer to help him calm down and pay attention. He addressed problematic behavior in a firm but gentle way. He also taught my son-in-law how to be firm with Tozer and to let Tozer know who was in control. My grandchildren can now run and play without the fear of being nipped. They can throw his ball without it being snatched out of their hands. Tozer has come a long way. Many thanks to Alan’s K9 Academy and their hard work!"- Bobbie H. (Facebook Review)

Locations in Brookhaven Area where we provide Dog Training

Although we offer dog training and boarding for Brookhaven, Georgia
We also extend our services to the surrounding Metro Atlanta and Greater Atlanta regions.
📍 Atlanta / Buckhead / Midtown

📍 Alpharetta

📍 Canton
📍 Cartersville

📍 Cumming

📍 Holly Springs
📍 Kennesaw

📍 Peachtree Corners

📍 Rome
📍 Roswell

📍 Sandy Springs

📍 Woodstock
Making dog training easy in Brookhaven is our goal. While training sessions are available in Rydal, our home base, we can save you time and hassle by coming to your location.
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Begin cultivating a fulfilling bond with your dog today!

Take a look at some of the locations we have provided our services to!

Feel free to contact us even if your city is not listed.
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